Sustainability and Traceability - Our nature specialists are trained to leave at least 20% of the Chaga behind for regrowth and 2lbs conks are left untouched and intact.  We mark all of our Chaga with GPS coordinates and we record the estimated weight removed and left behind. These coordinates are assigned a record number and eventually a processing lot number that is passed on to our customers. These record numbers can be used to trace TruNorth Chaga from the end consumer, through cleaning and processing, all the way back to the harvest locations.  

Our harvest sites are monitored and 3rd party inspected by ECOCERT to ensure over-harvesting does not occur and the growth of this amazing fungus is sustained for generations to come.

We work with forestry management companies and the MNR and share data, maps and resources in order to sustain Chaga and its the environment it grows in for generations to come.