While chaga mushroom health benefits continue to be researched, those who enjoy a variety of chaga recipes agree it has a positive impact on their health and well being. Chaga may not seem like much, but it’s gaining attention and popularity as one of the most potent medicinal mushrooms in the world. More people in the West are learning about Chaga for the first time in association with the health benefits offered by the fungus. Chaga—also called Inonotus Obliquus—is found on the outside of birch trees in cold habitats. It’s non-toxic, and recent studies have shown that ingesting the Chaga mushroom in some forms may have a variety of health benefits.


Your immune system has many chemical messengers. These messengers play a vital role in stimulating white blood cells, which are the immune system’s first line of defense against a range of illnesses. Research has shown that Chaga may help regulate the production of these messengers, and support the immune system by helping cells communicate with one another. This could help fight infections, from minor colds to life-threatening illnesses.


The Chaga mushroom has one of the highest ORAC scores of any food. Thats cool… but what does ORAC mean? ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity. The higher the ORAC value, the better a food’s ability to protect the body from disease-causing free radicals. It also means that chaga mushrooms are one of the best sources of antioxidants on earth.


Zinc? Helps the body’s defence system. Melanin? Helps with skin health and protects against UV rays. Polysaccharides? Help store energy. Beta Glucans? Can help speed up, or slow down the immune system. Phytonutrients? Help prevent disease. As the saying goes, good things come in small packages.


Research isn’t complete on the subject, but several studies have shown that ingesting Chaga can help with a laundry list of health problems. From diseases to hair loss, Chaga has shown to improve life for many who have used it. Some of the most surprising results of Chaga come in the form of its ability to fight and prevent disease. The medical community remains divided on just how effective Chaga is at combating specific diseases, but much of the research points to Chaga having a positive effect. Click below to see how chaga might be able to support people combating different health issues.


Most people with cancer are looking for a natural way to help fight the disease. Several studies have concluded that ingesting Chaga can, among other things, improve the immune system in most people. For cancer patients, this is especially important because of their already compromised immune system.

Additionally, the components of Chaga are shown to have anti-cancerous properties, which will assist in staving-off cancer in the long-term.

For those who are already receiving cancer treatment, Chaga can only help. Not only does it help your body fight cancer, but it can help treat the side effects of Chemotherapy. Chemo takes a toll on the body, but Chaga helps limit these symptoms.

CHAGA FOR Lyme Disease

You can use Chaga as a tool to help the body combat the devastating effects of Lyme disease. Chaga isn’t a cure—the infected person still needs to seek treatment—but Chaga can help the body cope with Lyme.

Chaga aids the body’s immune system, which is often compromised when a person has Lyme disease. Likewise, Chaga helps to reduce inflammation in the body, which many people with Lyme experience regularly.

Anyone who has had Lyme disease knows how draining it can be. The body’s fight against the disease causes fatigue from all the stress, but Chaga can help with this. Not only does Chaga give you energy, but it also helps your body reduce the stress that can often be too much when you have Lyme.


Good digestive and immune health are two of the significant sticking-points in patients with thyroid problems. Chaga is proven to improve both of these factors. Chaga helps improve overall nutrition and gut health, which is paramount for those with thyroid problems. Thyroid disorders usually lead to metabolism problems, which Chaga is known to help correct.

Chaga mushrooms aren’t the cure for all thyroid problems, but they can certainly help manage the symptoms associated with them.

CHAGA FOR Diabetes

Studies on mice suggest Chaga mushrooms could hold the key to treating diabetes. More testing needs to be done to see the benefits of Chaga on humans with diabetes – scientists completed these tests on mice – but results are promising.

Diabetic mice that took the Chaga mushroom broth showed a significant decrease in blood glucose level. On top of that, the mushroom lowered the levels of total cholesterol, triglyceride, free fatty acid, and insulin level.

A natural treatment for diabetes would be life-changing for many people. It’s too early to tell, but Chaga might be the best hope.


Chaga mushroom is a natural remedy for a long list of human ailments, but does that mean it can work for your pets? Not everything that’s good for us is good for our animals, so it’s worth researching before feeding the mushroom to your dog or cat.


The benefits of Chaga mushroom extract have many of the same benefits to dogs as it does humans. The key advantage is the immune system boost, which any dog could use. On top of that, it’s a safe and effective way to reduce inflammation and blood pressure in our canine companions.

Scientists have tested the anti-tumor properties of certain mushrooms on dogs, and while they haven’t produced any conclusive proof of their effectiveness, they remain a safe and natural precautionary measure to prevent cancer in dogs.


The same statements made for dogs is true for cats as well. It can help bolster the immune system, reduce inflammation, and aid in recovery from multiple viruses and diseases.

Cats are just as safe taking Chaga as dogs and people. We should say, though, that while the Chaga benefits side effects are virtually nonexistent, you should use caution when feeding Chaga to your pets. Pure Chaga is fine, but Chaga tea often contains other herbal ingredients that can cause harm in certain cases.


Chaga tea isn’t the only way to get the benefits of Chaga mushroom into your system. There are also several topical applications for the mushroom. Multiple brands carry Chaga products, which can help your skin in many ways.


Chaga has long been used to improve skin health. The Chaga mushroom has a high melanin content, which has several benefits to the overall health of skin cells.

Melanin is responsible for the pigment of our skin, and the addition of melanin can help protect us from sun damage and other harmful environmental effects. Chaga and other mushroom extracts have been linked to a reduction in acne as well as other skin health benefits. Chaga is also effective at treating rashes, which is a massive benefit to people with multiple different skin conditions.

In short, Chaga’s applications are more than just internal. You can start seeing an effect of overall health, starting with the largest organ in the body: the skin.


Psoriasis isn’t just a skin disease. The real culprit behind psoriasis is the immune system, which is one of the areas in which Chaga excels. Psoriasis occurs when new skin cells form faster than the body can shed the old skin cells. An overactive immune system causes this phenomenon.

Chaga can help regulate the immune system, which should lead to a decrease in psoriasis episodes. You can apply the Chaga topically through ointment, but drinking Chaga tea is equally effective when battling psoriasis since the real cause is underneath the skin.


Many of the benefits of Chaga come in the form of everyday health improvements. Chaga won’t cure cancer or any other drastic diseases, but drinking Chaga tea will help manage some of the symptoms you experience.

Chaga has a variety of health benefits, and they aren’t limited to one or two ailments. Below are some other problems Chaga can help manage.


Chaga’s two main benefits are its anti-inflammatory properties and immune system management. If you suffer from seasonal or constant allergies, Chaga can eliminate some of the effects. Drinking Chaga mushroom tea can increase your body’s resistance to allergens, as well as limiting the symptoms you experience during an allergic reaction.

Chaga won’t make you immune to allergens, but it can increase the quality of life for many people who suffer from allergies. Adding Chaga powder or Chaga tea to your diet will only increase your chances of withstanding seasonal or constant allergies.


If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, Chaga is one of the best natural remedies. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of constant pain. Chaga is proven to reduce inflammation, which can lead to a lowering of pain, and sometimes an outright cure for muscle and joint pain.

If your lower back is continually burning, chances are your muscles are inflamed. There are several natural remedies for inflammation, but Chaga is one of the most effective. Drinking Chaga tea once or more a day can help ease your pain, and often leads to a complete disappearance of that pain altogether.


The most common cause of vertigo by an inner-ear infection, or a buildup of calcium in the inner ear. Vertigo can be a lifelong problem, but many cases only last for a short time before passing.

Chaga can’t cure vertigo, but it can help ease the symptoms and prevent the disease from occurring. As we’ve covered, Chaga improves your immune system as it addresses threats, which can mean eradicating an ear infection before it ever leads to vertigo in the long-term.


In some of the studies on the benefits of Chaga, patients who participated also experienced better sleep than before the trial. Many of these studies handle patients with cancer, which is essential, but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect the quality of sleep for healthy individuals.

Chaga tea will usually contain caffeine, which is helpful in boosting energy and metabolism. Afterward, though, there is some evidence to suggest that Chaga can increase the quality of overall sleep.


There are multiple types of fungi – not just Chaga – that can assist in a long list of cosmetic applications. Most of these mushrooms help overall skin and hair health, and can even assist in preventing hair loss in some individuals.

A lot of hair loss is genetic, and there isn’t much that can be done to prevent this naturally. Especially in males, time will eventually catch up. Fungi like Chaga can make your hair healthier, though, which will limit natural hair loss. Additionally, it will help prevent hair loss for those who have damaged their hair by adding nutrients that would otherwise be absent.


Chaga is incredibly useful when it comes to treating and preventing sinus infections. Sinus infections, as the name suggests, occur when the nasal cavities get infected and become swollen.

Chaga reduces inflammation, which will help your symptoms, but it will also help your body prevent a sinus infection in the first place. If you’re particularly susceptible to these types of infections, it’s worth trying Chaga to see if it helps.


The causes of migraines vary, and there’s no general scientific consensus for a cure. Many of the causes are thought to be environmental and genetic, so doctors can only provide treatment for the symptoms.

Stress-related migraines are common, and Chaga can help prevent these at the very least. Stress is cumulative, so if you have a stressful day of work and hit the gym, your body could start displaying signs of strain. These symptoms can take the form of fatigue, but in some cases, they lead to migraines.

Chaga reduces the overall stress on your body, which can lead to a reduction in the occurrence of migraines. Of course, especially when it comes to migraines, results vary depending on the individual.


Chaga mushroom health benefits are substantial, with the most evidence behind its ability to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. People across the world have used it as a natural remedy for diseases as serious as cancer, due to its ability to reduce the chance that tumors spread to other parts of the body.

Scientists are split on just how effective Chaga can be for some ailments, but it certainly helps when it comes to pain, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. There are no proven Chaga benefits side effects reported, with any evidence to the contrary being anecdotal.

Drinking Chaga tea and other forms of organic Chaga can be extremely beneficial in multiple ways, so there’s no reason not to add some to your diet.