Meet Cody


Cody is the spirit of TruNorth. His history, character, knowledge, beliefs and approach to the world are represented in the brand. He’s a natural embodiment of the TruNorth but not the brand itself. 

Cody's Story

Trust is essential. It’s a resource Cody draws from deep within his gut. Ever since he was little, pulses of intuition have led him down a trusted path. And along this path, Cody’s magnetism has drawn plants and people in. Everyone in his circle benefits. In this spirit, Cody’s life has been spent cultivating connection, seeding ceremony and exploring a harmonious interaction with nature. 

All his life, Cody has felt a kinship with nature. Growing up in Goulais River, Ontario meant he was constantly surrounded by the natural world. He spent a lot of his childhood in the bush fishing and hunting with his father and foraging with his mother. A self-sufficient, simple lifestyle close to natural rhythms has been braided into his DNA. 

During his twenties, Cody experienced several deep losses. To find solace he retreated to the familiar and immersed himself in nature. Yet, something felt missing. He felt he needed to bridge a gap and find peace. So, following his trusted gut, Cody travelled deep into western Canada’s forest, where he spent months learning self-sufficiency through foraging in the wild. He found his place amongst the living, breathing ecosystems of healing plants. Clarity emerged. And with it Cody’s renewed, intuitive way of life took shape. In his words, “the more you connect, the more you get on track to finding the sacred balance”.

After finding his balance again, Cody felt a call to return home. Almost 6 years ago, he made his way back home to the heart of Northern Ontario’s birch forests—a haven for Chaga mushrooms. This was the living plant that would start him on his TruNorth journey. A plant landed in his heart—Chaga has been Cody’s foray into foraging for others. The more he explored the health benefits and the healing properties, the more Cody knew he needed to find a way to share the adaptogenic mushrooms with others. 

TruNorth was born.